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Digital transformation consulting service

Digital transformation is a strong trend of global enterprises.

  • The application of digital technology is an inevitable trend of businesses.
  • Digital transformation helps businesses improve efficiency, enhance capabilities.
  • According to Garner 2018 research, up to 75% of businesses have a digital transformation strategy, with 15% successful conversions.

What is digital transformation

Automate decision-making with time information

  • More realistic and accurate
  • Apply technology to create new product concepts
  • Apply technology to transform service delivery methods to create customer experience
  • Standardize workflow and co-worker information
  • Time to integrate all information to make executive decisions.

Creating intelligent systems that provide, analyze data efficiently, increase the quality of information to help managers make decisions quickly, accurately and effectively. Are all of the above. The essence of digital transformation is the integration of technology & digital to redefine the combination of human, process, and data to create breakthrough efficiency and bring a competitive advantage for businesses. Digital transformation

# How to ensure success?

Businesses need to develop

  • (a) growth strategy,
  • (b) business processes,
  • (c) marketing capabilities, and
  • (d) structured appropriate management and good human resources skills

# Quantify the benefits of digitalization compared to the level of investment that your business makes?

Set clear targets and indicators for investment expectations, from there evaluate the benefits of the investment versus the cost.

# What characteristics or principles does the organization model have after the transformation?

Organizational models change not because of digitalization, but because of concepts or methods New management is in place. Many of the human tasks have been carried by technology. Others may disappear or adjust due to technology adoption. That is why the organizational model always needs to change to adapt to a new, smarter, more efficient way of managing and executing work

# What are the steps to transform?

Estimate resources before implementation Standardization of mission functions first, then business processes of key functions, planning and execution later

# Is digital transformation a big enterprise-specific problem ?

No, digital transformation is a problem for all types of businesses. In particular, digital transformation is a way for small businesses to increase their competitiveness faster and more sustainably

# How can consulting companies help businesses make the transition?

Answers 4 main questions:

How do we compete? The answer will be through building strategies, clearly positioning the brand, building core competencies to create competitive advantages;

How do we bring products and services to customers? The consultant will help rethink the business process towards the best possible customer experience, to create a more effective business model;

How do we develop our brands and markets? The consultant will work with you to find out the strategy of market development, building marketing capabilities.

How should the roles be defined and staffed to perform digital transformation? Enterprises need to adjust, streamline and optimize their organizational structure, build human resources to participate in digital transformation.

Consulting can help businesses handle specific implementation issues of the system, including Include planning information & technology systems for service operation and / or product manufacturing and business management

Develop management problems, user requirements for digital solutions of management

Selecting the technology and supplier monitoring the implementation of this transition.

Digital transformation consulting services are provided by international consulting firms from many this year. However, in Vietnam this service has only been provided by a small number of consulting firms. The reason is that it requires a combination of many in-depth expertise such as business administration, marketing, information systems and human resources.

Logsik accompanies businesses in the digital transformation process, helping to improve business efficiency and brand reputation to customers. You need to change your business number, contact service consultants via hotline 02873 04 9090 – 02866 809 879 or send email to contact@logsik.com.