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October is the Month to Respond to National Digital Transformation Day

October – Digital Consumption Month                                                                                                                                                       

1. General Introduction

Every year, Digital Consumption Month is in response to National Digital Transformation Day on October 10. This is an annual activity to encourage people to use digital products and services and enjoy the practical results that digital transformation brings.

This month, ministries, branches, localities, agencies, and businesses all organize many activities to respond to National Digital Transformation Day October 10 throughout society.

2. Topic and goal

Last year, the theme of National Digital Transformation Day 2022 was “Digital transformation solves social problems for a better life for people”.

In 2023, the theme of Digital Consumer Month is “Exploiting digital data to create value”. The objectives of the activity are:

  • Promote people to use digital products and services, contributing to achieving national digital transformation goals.
  • Raise people’s awareness about the benefits of digital transformation.
  • Promote socio-economic development.

National Digital Transformation Day 2023 identifier



3. Activities to respond to National Digital Transformation Day

Specific activities in response to Digital Consumer Month include:

  • The government strives to improve the quality of online public service delivery
  • Enterprises strive to bring production and business activities to the digital environment; building a digital platform to serve the people; and providing digital products and services to serve social needs; There are preferential policies to encourage people to use digital products and services
  • The community digital technology team strives to “go to every alley, knock on every house, and guide each person” in using online services, online shopping, online payment, and protecting themselves against risks. , risks in the digital environment
  • People enjoy preferential policies when using digital products and services.

In addition, encourage officials, civil servants, and workers of agencies and localities to respond in cyberspace by changing their avatars to include an identification frame (avatar frame). National Digital Transformation Day October 10, 2023, from October 1, 2023, until October 10, 2023.

Instructions on how to perform the following steps:

  • Step 1: Access one of the two links below to choose your favorite avatar frame model:


Sample 1: https://khunghinh.net/p/1a2b1fbe02b3400a


Sample 2: https://khunghinh.net/p/f3c22d518000abc0

  • Step 2. After choosing your favorite model, click “Choose image” below the frame to upload the photo.
  • Step 3. After uploading the photo, move the photo directly into the frame or use the toolbar below to drag and adjust the image to fit the display.
  • Step 4. After completing the alignment, select “Continue”, then select “Load image”
  • Step 5. Replace the profile picture on Zalo, Facebook, and social networking platforms with the image you just downloaded with the Hashtags on the post content to replace the photo: #ngaychuyendoisoquocgia #namdulieuso #10102023.

4. Logsik joins hands in the national digital transformation process

National Digital Transformation Day is an opportunity for Logsik to demonstrate its role in promoting national digital transformation. Below are some activities that Logsik did to celebrate this day:

Organize propaganda activities about digital transformation

Production and business goals in the digital environment

To respond to National Digital Transformation Day, Logsik has also set business goals for itself to keep up with the trends of the digital environment. The goals that Logsik aims to:

  • Digital data creates the digital future
  • Create and exploit data to create new value
  • Developing data goes hand in hand with ensuring data security


Logsik is your digital transformation partner

Aiming at the overall goal of national digital transformation, Logsik has created a technology environment to focus on developing and creating new technology solutions.

  • Enterprise digital transformation solution 4.0
  • Information technology services and infrastructure
  • Media services, website design
  • IT Helpdesk

Support for using digital products and services

Logsik is always ready to accompany support and advise businesses and retailers on the path to digital transformation. To understand more, you can contact us: 

Contact us


Digital Consumption Month is a practical activity to promote national digital transformation, bringing many benefits to people. All citizens should respond to this activity to together build a modern and developed digital society.

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