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Logsik won first prize in the Dong Nai Province Innovation Startup Contest 2023

TECHFEST DONG NAI 2023 CLOSING CEREMONY                                

 On August 28, 2023, Logsik was honored to receive the First Prize in the Dong Nai Province Innovation Contest. This is the most prestigious award for businesses with outstanding achievements in providing technology solutions in the fields of agriculture and high technology, to promote the formation and development of innovative startup ecosystems. innovation in Dong Nai province.

Logsik Academy has cooperated with the International University to support interns in creating an IoT information system to trace the origin of agricultural products. The sensor system helps monitor nitrogen, nitrogen and phosphorus levels in the soil, playing an important role in assessing soil fertility. The system provides high measurement accuracy, fast response time and excellent capacity, helping farmers achieve peak productivity.

Going through 3 rounds of competition: preliminary round, challenge round and final round with many different businesses. Based on the scoring results of the Jury Council, the Competition Organizing Committee met and agreed to approve the 6 best projects. In particular, the device to measure soil NPK concentration by a group of students supported by Logsik won the first prize.

To win this award, the students went through a process of effort with the support of Logsik to get the best service before it reaches the users. Specifically, Logsik has implemented the following solutions:

  • Increase investment in research and development to improve the quality of sensor systems.
  • Increase investment in research and development to improve the quality of sensor systems.
  • Build a quality management system according to international standards, to ensure the most accurate information.

Speaking at the Closing Ceremony, Mr. Huynh Minh Hau, Deputy Director of the Department of Science and Technology emphasized: “The series of events of Dong Nai Province Innovation Startup Festival 2023 – Techfest DongNai 2023 and Technology Market, Dong Nai Province Equipment and Trade – Techmart DongNai 2023 has been jointly deployed by the community and achieved many results. Especially the series of activities implemented from April 2023 to present, with the participation of the Department of Science and Technology Enterprise and Market Development, National Techfest Technology Villages, departments and branches. in the province.”

This festival is an opportunity to propagate and popularize innovative startups to a large number of people, especially young people. Thereby, helping people better understand the meaning and role of innovative startups in socio-economic development. At the same time, applying technology to production processes and commercial activities will help keep up with development trends, increase work productivity and bring more value to users.

This award is a worthy recognition for Logsik’s efforts. And this will be the driving force for us to continue to develop and achieve new achievements in the future.

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