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Website Care

Service Description: Website is designed to promote the services and products of businesses to customers and importantly to promote online business effectively.

To achieve that goal, a beautiful website is not enough, your website must be taken care of in the most comprehensive, always innovative and provide customers with the most complete, accurate and professional information. This update makes your website fresh and highly appreciated for website users as well as on search engines.

Our service supports customers check the pages of stable operation, Check the website operation process stable (process of completing orders, canceling orders …), Deadlink checking, spelling errors.

The system automatically sends a report email if the website is off> 5 minutes. Every week, we will send website activity reports to your business. With more advanced services, staff will call guests to notify, contact the web developer, hosting for guests.

Why do businesses need to use website care?

  • Easy to understand website is an Online Showroom, where millions of customers reach and search every day. So taking care of your website is no different than taking care of your showroom or store.
  • If your business is experiencing one of the following issues, you should choose website care service:
    • There is no professional webmaster.
    • There is too little time to search and edit stories for your website.
    • There are not enough sources of information needed to guide and update content for your website.
    • Feeling confused when checking each spelling of information before posting on the website.
    • Want to edit, change some parts of the website but do not know who or the company does not have a person in charge of expertise.
    • Feel too complicated when using the editing tools on the website system.
    • Feeling hesitant to spend a considerable expense to hire an employee to update and take care of your website.
    • The current job of webmaster administration is not satisfactory.
    • Wondering if my website exists broken links, not leading viewers to the right page you need to show them.
    • Feeling unsafe when the website frequently encounters problems or insecure when not knowing that your website has been fully backed up?

The work:

  • Editing and updating content for the website

Update related specialized information on the website

Image processing products for the website.

Update new products for the website.

Advertising banner design

Editing content for website

  • Statistics – web administration report

Report monthly website visits

The most viewed pages

The most viewed products and services.

  1. Website maintenance

Monitor and backup the system on a regular basis

Handling when the system has problems with website, domain, hosting

  1. Track rankings and optimize results at the search engines

By monitoring the ranking of the website, we will conduct keyword registration to improve the website’s ranking in search results on the search engines.

  • Working process when customers want to update content, edit websites

Customers transfer their requests and documents via email / phone.

We process, edit and update requests on the website.

We update the content, take care of the website periodically.



  • Economy Care

  • 300.000 VND

    Every Month
  • Suitable for small businesses with limited costs for the website.
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  • Silver Care

  • 800.000 VND

    Every Month
  • Businesses need fast response speed, updated news.
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  • Gold Care

  • 1.400.000 VND

    Every Month
    • Suitable for e-commerce businesses.
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  • Platinum Care

  • 2.500.000 VND

    • Large businesses want to reach more customers online.
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