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Cooperating with Logsik, Timec took the first step of digitalization

Using management systems for hospitals and clinics is an inevitable trend in the current technology era. This system helps medical facilities improve operational efficiency and service quality, thereby bringing benefits to both hospitals, clinics and patients. Therefore, clinic chain Timec chose Logsik to begin the digital transformation process.

1. Deploy a corporate medical website

Timec clinic and pharmacy chain is an important link in the market expansion strategy of TECCO real estate group. Logsik is the unit that completely deployed the business’s medical website. In addition to introducing the chain’s services, the website also allows booking medical appointments with doctors.

Logsik’s medical website interface meets the following criteria:
– User-friendly: The website interface is designed to be simple, easy to understand, easy to use, suitable for users who are patients, patients’ families, and medical professionals.
– Accurate and updated information: The website interface needs to provide complete and accurate information about medical facilities, medical examination and treatment services, health information,…
– Aesthetic and professional: The website interface needs to be designed aesthetically and professionally, demonstrating the reputation and quality of the medical facility.

2. LogHis clinic information system

LogHis is a clinic management software that allows businesses to synchronize information of each unit on the system, exchanging customer information between clinics in the chain. With more than 10,000 users at Timec, management has become more convenient and saved more costs for the clinic.


Below are the main components of LogHis software for clinics and hospitals:

  • Patient management: The system helps manage patient information, appointment schedules, examination results, prescriptions,…
  • Medical examination and treatment management: The system helps manage the medical examination and treatment process, schedule examinations, collect fees,…
  • Financial management: The system helps manage income and expenditure, budget, accounting,…
    Human resource management: The system helps manage employee information, timekeeping, salary calculation,…
  • Warehouse management: The system helps manage goods, supplies, equipment,…

In addition, LogHis can also integrate other features such as:

  • Quality management: The system helps manage service quality, patient care processes,…
  • Electronic medical record management: The system helps store and access patient electronic medical record information

3. Benefits of using management systems for hospitals and clinics

Deploying LogHis for hospitals and clinics brings many benefits to medical facilities, including:

  • Enhance operational efficiency: The system helps clinics and hospitals effectively manage their processes and activities, thereby improving operational efficiency.
  • Cost savings: The system helps reduce operating costs, such as paperwork costs, human resources costs,…
  • Improve service quality: The system helps improve service quality for patients, such as waiting time, accuracy of test results,…
  • Enhance information security: The system helps protect the information security of patients and medical facilities.

Regarding the upcoming implementation roadmap, Timec and Logsik will optimize internal processes, deploy the entire electronic medical record process, gradually change manual working habits, and minimize paper processing time.

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