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Get Rich From Doing Business On Website

In the current era of 4.0 technology, online sales are becoming popular on social networking sites like Facebook, zalo, …. But trading becomes difficult because many of you are not selling properly, do not reach your customer base and is more misleading than just focusing on a single communication channel that is a social network without forgetting that the largest number of customers is on the website. You have missed a huge number of customers in your business because according to statistics, 70% of customers buy on the website.

Here are the functions needed of a website:

As a sales owner, you should know and understand what the store’s website needs? From which you can combine effectively, maximize the advantages of the website to get the best revenue. Want to attract the attention of customers, then at first sight you must leave an impression. Want to do so requires the website to have the functions and design appropriate, professional, sophisticated and best.

Professional design, beautiful and sophisticated interface

Online channel customers will not be in direct contact with you, can not hear your consulting skills. But, if a website with a beautiful interface shows professionalism and class, then you have made a good first impression in the eyes of customers. They will stay on your site longer and can receive information from your site better.

Compatible with all devices

With the current technological era, most people use smart phones to access the internet, surf the web because it is convenient anytime, anywhere. And you have to make sure that your website looks best on every device so that customers can access your website anytime and on any device.

The ordering utility functions

A professional website is not enough, you still need to set up an extremely professional sales method. To facilitate customers to access their products and needs in the fastest way, you should have features such as searching, suggesting, filtering product information, tracking orders and placing orders.

Payment methods

To create a modern website need many payment methods for customers to choose, so they should link with many banks and other payment utilities. Customers are free to choose the right one for each customer, this will help increase customer satisfaction with you.

Refresh information – Update products

You must be up to date with the most popular information and products on the market. Promotions, events promoting new products should choose the home page is the best place to advertise.

Customer management function

A modern and professional website will need to have the function of saving customer information, saving the activities that customers perform on the website. From there you can select and filter potential customers to support customers towards buying decisions. The function of receiving feedback, listening to customers, receiving customer comments will help you better and grow stronger.

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