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Digital Transformation – Business Direction in Era 4.0

Digital transformation is the process of changing from a traditional model to a digital business, by applying new technologies such as Big Data, Internet Of Things, Cloud Computing …, changing the operating methods, leadership, and working processes work, company culture …

Vietnamese businesses are currently emerging in the process of international integration. Transparency in management is increasingly emphasized for businesses. The digitalization of enterprise management information is not only a need but also a competitive value required in the information age 4.0. The information to be digitized includes: information about products and services of the company, managing records of revenue and expenditure, managing employee productivity, managing customer information, balancing resources (personnel, materials) with the order.

According to a survey, the most successful organizations operating in the private and public sectors spent 33% and 21% of IT budgets respectively in 2017 on digital transformation investment. In 2018, these organizations are expected to increase their spending to 43% of information technology budget for digitization, and public organizations will increase to 28%. Another forecast shows that by 2020, global digital conversion costs will reach about $ 2,000 billion.

Understanding the digital needs of businesses, G-Online offers website care services to support businesses in the process of updating company information, products and services, promotions. In addition, website care services also support your business in the process of monitoring and maintaining existing software. You can contact email contact@logsik.com or phone 02866 809 879 for advice about the service.

Wishing you much success in digital transformation of your business.


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