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Team Building 2019 – A Journey of Sharing and Cohesion

In the hot summer sun in the heart of the city, members of the big Logsik family had a “avoid heat” tour to Phan Thiet coastal city on June 14, 2019. In addition to enjoying the sunny and windy scenery of the green beach, this is also an opportunity to connect Logsik members into a common vision of Logsik’s mission and development ”Bringing quality to your business activities ” . The trip left in each Logsik member emotional marks: excited – joyful and full of deposition.

The trip by train to Phan Thiet station by the Great Logsik family

The vibrant, unforgettable summer of the Logsik family begins with the scenery of the green beach in the distance and the pink confetti of a garden corner where the members have just arrived. Phan Thiet welcomes Logsik with fresh air and gentle breezes.

The poetic scenery at Rock Water Bay Resort Phan Thiet

The members had unforgettable memories together when they started their journey from Ho Chi Minh City to Phan Thiet by train. Let’s gaze at the beach and free yourself into the murmuring waves. Along experience swimming in the lake, relaxing sauna and herbal bath at Rock Water Bay Resort.

Great family bathe together in cool water

After a day of struggling outdoors, Logsik family members continued to gather around the dining table, enjoying the specialties of Phan Thiet. Having enjoyed meals together, the new visit to Phan Thiet becomes more complete. Member Logsik’s feelings and thoughts in turn share together, Logsik’s solidarity is stronger than ever.

Warm dinner family together

The trip left members of the great Logsik family with much joy and deposition. Working together so hard, Logsik had fun together. Cohesion is the core of a strong collective, so that each member feels themselves an integral part and plays an important role in the overall success of the Big Family.


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