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Logsik organizes the Autumn Logsikathon 2019

Contributing to the bustling Mid-Autumn atmosphere, Logsik organized an Autumn Logsikathon to give the members of the Company a playground to show their talents and teamwork. With challenges that are “play” but very realistic, the team that wins the position will receive a medal corresponding to the awards: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. “Athletes” of Logsik have done their best to prove themselves on the winning track. On top of that, after the Autumn Logsikathon, the members had a memorable time working together and received valuable spiritual values ​​together.

The Autumn Logsikathon 2019 is organized with the participation of company members

Members are divided into 4 teams to draw lots on the topic of competition. Director Mr Bang and assistant Ms Tu are in the Assessment Team who create and mark the challenges. The competition of IT developers is based on a practical project that the company is implementing. The time from the draw of the competition topic to the end of the challenge is one day. The next day, the teams will present and it will be time for the Assessment Team to grade, publish the results and award the prize. Whether the result is win or lost, the members have been extremely enthusiastic, working together to find ways to complete the challenge in a limited time. The atmosphere of the competition is not so tense, anguished. On the contrary, because of racing with challenges, the members had the opportunity to see the enthusiasm and always filled with laughter of the playing teams. The spirit of conquering the victory, bringing back the glory of the teams played by Logsik has been saved through the following images:

“Experienced” team

Youthful and enthusiastic team

Highly focused team

Serious team

After completing the challenge, it is time to present the work results

Finally, the Autumn Logsikathon 2019 has found the winning team:

  • First prize:
    • Ngo Lang Thanh Binh and Truong Phuong Hoai Nam
  • The second prize:
    • Nguyen Thanh Tuan and Truong Huy Hoang
  • The third prize:
    • Nguyen Thanh Hien and Nguyen Minh Duc
    • Nguyen Thanh Duy and Le Minh Hiep

Memorable award moments of Logsik member

Each participating team receives a medal and a corresponding bonus envelope. After the contest, all members are satisfied with the results. This is truly a memorable, joyful and full of determination – the solidarity of all members of Logsik Technology Joint Stock Company. The members have shown enthusiasm, always refreshing the way and never give up. With determination, every challenge can be conquered. Eventually after completing this challenge, Logsik continues to conquer other challenges and is constantly advancing. The Autumn Logsikathon 2019 has ended extremely well and emotionally.


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